Ellen McLoughlin


Ellen McLoughlin is 23 years old and has recently attained her BSc (hons) in Public health and Health promotion, specialising in Children and young people and has been working and volunteering with children on and off since she was 17 years old.

Ellens first time volunteering with children was in 2017, where she spent several weeks in Zambia at a school and orphanage, in the school she taught the children English and Irish, Irish dancing and sports throughout the day and in the orphanage provided some much needed rest for the nuns by taking over the feeding and care of the younger babies and toddlers. It was during her time in Africa that she realised her interest in health and health promotion, which she then went on to study at university.

In 2021 during covid, Ellen took a position as a full time nanny with a local family, where she cared for a 1 year old and 3 year old full time 9am – 5pm daily, as nurseries and schools were closed Ellen researched developmental stages for the age group and tried her best to plan and provide similar age appropriate activities and learning to what they would have enjoyed in a nursery setting, including imaginative play and getting outside for adventures when they were able to , sensory play, phonics and number games etc, she thoroughly enjoyed this role, learning how to balance the 2 ages together, providing full care, feeding, changing, settling for naps and toilet training the eldest.

It is from this role that she decided, when looking for a position in the alps, that she would love to be working as a nanny again.

Reference from the family

“I feel that Ellen is very mature and responsible. I feel that she takes the role of minding kids incredibly serious and always has the best interest of the child.

Ellen is kind and caring with children, she can build up a relationship with a child quickly and they respond well to her.

When working with Parents, Ellen is mature and professional, she is organized and responds well to parents direction.

Ellen has a very practical, proactive approach to her work and she does it with a fun and a kind manner.”

As well as her nannying and babysitting experience, Ellen also has experience working with children in school settings during her studies including working as Health Promotion Co Ordinator, where Ellen designed a 9 week health promotion plan, which she implemented in 3 class years

“Throughout the programme, I covered many topics with the students which included a 30 day Wellness challenge. I practised many new skills with them such as meditation, mindful stretching, mindfulness, gratitude, dealing with uncomfortable emotions and much more. Each week of the programme had a new schedule which the students would follow”

Her other voluntary roles also include:

  • Health promotion practitioner- I designed a workplace health promotion initiative and implemented it in The Pantry Café
  • As part of my Transition year work experience, I worked in my old primary school in the resource centre. I worked with children with special needs for three full weeks caring to all their needs.
  • I volunteered in my local community centre. I worked with elderly people, and people with disabilities. I helped in events in the community centre such as the running of the Offaly Sports partnership activities.
  • I volunteered in Riada House Nursing home for 10 weeks. I assisted nursing staff with all aspects of care for the elderly resident.
  • I volunteered in many events throughout my college experience in The South East Technological University, including to help run events to raise awareness about the environment, fast fashion, recycling.


“Ellen was fantastic! We all loved her and it meant that us as parents could have a really proper holiday! She’s an angel! Meribel Nanny Services is a godsend. They make everything so easy and mean that you can have a real holiday. A must book!”

Turner family- Chalet Bergeronnette – March 2023

Ellen was a dote. She was so happy to step in when we had new circumstances with an injured foot. The kids loved her, she got on great with the chalet staff, and I was super happy to have her help.
I didn’t use the website, but thanks Nicole for sorting us out at short notice.

Rawlins Family – Chalet Brioche – March 2023

Ellen was absolutely amazing and got on so well with our daughter. We really weren’t expecting her to go out and do so many fun activities to keep our little one entertained and it made us feel a lot less guilty going out and skiing.

The whole booking service was easy to use as well. Will be back to use Meribel Nannies again and hopefully we’ll see Ellen again, I know Immy would love to see her every year!

March 2023 – Chalet Bellicima lodge

Ellen was fantastic! She clicked with our one year old daughter almost immediately. She was really proactive finding fun activities for them to do together during the day, and our daughter was so happy to see her each morning. Would definitely book with her again!

Miller Family – 18 months – March 2023 – Chalet Bellicima lodge

I just wanted to say that Ellen has been so wonderful, baby Tristan has loved his time with her this week, she’s so calm and kind and organised, and we’re very sad that today is her last day,

Wilkinson family – 3,5 months old – February 2023 – Chalet Verappe 

We were lucky enough to have Ellen who was fantastic and our girls loved spending time with her.

Fleury family 2&1 years old  – January 2023



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