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Our private nanny service in Meribel lets you make the most of your holiday knowing that your children are making the most of theirs!

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Nannies in Meribel & Courchevel

Friendly, well trained, knowledgeable nannies

Great knowledge of the resorts

Six winters of happy customers

Fun activities for all ages

6 mornings from €938.40

Our In Resort Nanny Services

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Taking a ski holiday with young children in Meribel or Courchevel can be a daunting prospect. They need to be at ski school on time, stay warm and have plenty to eat and drink to keep their energy levels up. It’s not only them to think about, you want some ski time in alpine paradise too. 

If you have been worrying about how to make your next family ski holiday a success, our private nanny service in Meribel is here to help.  Nicole has 15 seasons of in resort experience and knows what works and what doesn’t!  Her aim is to provide the best childcare possible so that upon your arrival you feel happy and confident that your children are well looked after.

Find out how… 

Before You Arrive

Before your arrival you will receive a profile of the nanny who will be caring for your children. She will then arrive early on the first day to ensure that all requirements for the week ahead have been discussed, so that you feel confident and assured that your little ones are happy and in capable hands.

The Day You Arrive

Your toy box will be delivered along with any equipment you have pre ordered to rent for the week, this can include, cots, highchairs, buggies, baby gyms, baby baths, sterilsers and anything else you might need for the week, if you have any questions or require anything else you can give Nicole a call.

During Your Stay

Your nanny will meet you at your accommodation on the first morning of your booking.
They can help get the children ready, take them to ski school, and stay with them to make sure they are happy.

Our Team

All are nannies are DBS checked, first aid trained and go through a rigorous recruitment process. Where they are interviewed and their references and certificates are checked to ensure the nannies are up to scratch.

At the beginning of the season they also take part in an extensive “in resort” nanny training week including resort orientation so that they know all the best places to sledge, play and create happy experiences for your children, whether they are 12 weeks or 12 years old.

Our Pricing

Prices for our private nanny service in Meribel are per nanny and are in Euros, please see our ratios for an idea of how many nannies you need for your week, please email nicole@meribelnannyservices.com

Please note, we can also provide more flexibility than the below packages if available,

The rates are based on the booking fee of between 60.50€ for a single day and  385€ for full weeks (inclusive of TVA)  plus the nanny hourly rate which from 27 – 40€ per hour depending on the nannies experience, hours of the booking and whether it is a peak or low season week.

The booking fee price also includes, an age appropriate toy box. For more baby equipment, take a look out our equipment page, we have an array of baby equipment for rental delivery and collection that is free for all nanny packages below (a minumum of 24 hours over 1 weeks is required for equipment to be included) , deliveries are made Saturday, Sunday and Mondays.

Prices are inclusive of TVA, prices below may vary depending on the available nanny and their hourly rate

CURRENT LOW AVAILABILITY WEEKS ( we reccommend booking ASAP for the following weeks)

23rd/24th December, 31st December, 21st January, 04th February, 11th February, 10th March, 31st March 

Ratios per nanny

Private Nannying Packages

6 Full Days with 8 Consecutive hours

Number of children
low season
peak season
1 - 2 children
prices from €1,659
3 - 4 children
prices from €1,803
single full day
prices from 306€

6 mornings 4 consecutive hours between 8am and 1pm
or 6 afternoons 1:30 - 5:00pm

Number of Children
single 4 hours
1- 2 Children
prices from €938.40
3 - 4 children
prices from €1,010.40

36 hour package

Number of Children
Off Peak
Peak Weeks
1- 2 Children
prices from €1,335
3 - 4 children
prices from €1,443

Why Choose Us?

Our nanny service in Meribel offers exceptional value for money and Nicole and her team take enormous pride in the service they offer. They make sure every single child in their care, feels special whether they are looking after them for an evening or a fortnight.

Our testimonials speak for themselves. Our clients and their children have great holidays when they choose Meribel Nanny Services. You should too.


“Ellie was fantastic all week with the kids Always on time and willing to accommodate last minute changes with zero fuss Will come back to meribel just to use Ellie again!”

Fortune Family – Chalet Iomato – Fish & Pips – February  2023

Fortune family – Meribel 2023


We were lucky enough to have Ellen who was fantastic and our girls loved spending time with her.

Fleury Family – Meribel – January 2023

Fleury Family – Meribel 2023


“Another brilliant week with Meribel Nannies. This was our first season with one child in ski school and Lucy enabled us to get out skiing. Our 2 year old had a great time on bubble rides to the top of the mountain and trips to soft play, sledging and play grounds. Lucy even bought them up to meet us at Le Folie Douce after nap time!”

Paulson Ellis – Private Apartment – Christmas 2018

Paulson Ellis Family – Meribel 2018


We’ve used Meribel Nanny Services for three years starting when our child was 9 months old and most recently for our 3 1/2 and 6 year old. We’ve been very happy with the service. The nannies have been brilliant and the children have had a lovely time!

Down Family – Meribel Village – January 2023


Down Family – Meribel 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities will the nanny do with the children?

With our private nanny service in Meribel, children will enjoy many activities such as… sledging, rides on the gondola, crepe trips, bowling, bus rides to the park, snow castle and snowman building, rides on the merry-go-round and so much more. Whether it be outside or inside, painting, board games, hide and seek or just a quiet afternoon after a long ski, your children will be kept busy and have lots of fun on their holiday. For little ones, your nanny will follow his/her routine as directed by you, entertaining your little one with sensory play, singing, bubbles and play dates with other babies of a similar age. Your nanny will keep you updated throughout the day and will provide a little diary for you to see when you arrive back from a lovely day on the mountain.

What areas do you provide your Private Nanny service?

Your nanny will come to your accommodation to look after your children in Meribel, Mottaret, Meribel Village, Les Allues (and surrounding villages), Brides Les Bain and throughout the Courchevel valley.

Will our nanny bring lunch for the children?

We do not provide lunch for the children, but your nanny will be more than happy to discuss with you their likes and dislikes and pop to the supermarket to get the things that she may need for the week we have found that around 25 euros per child for the week is enough for a supermarket shop. Or she can take the children to a close by restaurant for lunch each day. For little ones we recommend arriving with some purees at the start of the week, following this the nanny will be more than happy to make up some puree’s while the little one is napping, Nicole will discuss this with you before your arrival. If you are on holiday with Meriski, Ski Cuisine, or your children are booked into Lunch Club, lunch will be provided. Please note, some chalet companies will not allow use of their kitchens, this can include the microwave etc. It is important to check with your accommodation provider, what they will allow you and your nanny to use.

What equipment will the nanny bring for the children?

We have been praised every week for our amazing age appropriate toy boxes. Our games, puzzles and arts and crafts ensure that the Ipads are forgotten and your children are kept busy while they are indoors, during your nanny's hours. For little ones we can provide, baby bounce chairs, play gyms, sit up rings and an array of rattles and sensory toys to keep them entertained. We also provide sledges, changing mats, sterilisers, baby monitors and baby booster chairs cots with linen and highchairs. We will discuss your requirements before your arrival to ensure you have everything you need. These items will then be delivered to your chalet by the childcare manager on the day of your arrival.