About Meribel Nanny Services

Why I started Meribel Nanny Services

For my first 3 winters I worked for a well known chalet company as a nanny. The company offered amazing in resort training and support for their nannies and in turn the nannies provided an amazing childcare product.
I learnt a lot from them and the nannies I worked with during that time. Once I became a freelance nanny, I realised that Meribel was lacking a reliable, organised, first class childcare service. A service that could provide everything you need for your holiday with the children, including nannies, babysitting, equipment and even in resort recommendation.
After another few years as a freelance nanny, my equipment store was building up quickly, I was pre-booked all season and had started to find other freelance nannies to help me out on busy weeks. In 2014 I was approached by a chalet company who was looking for someone great to take over their childcare product, followed by another company in 2015 and so Meribel Nanny Services was born.
We started small with 2 amazing nannies (plus myself) and each season we built up slowly, 4 nannies the 2nd year, 6 the 3rd year and now going into our 8th winter we have a lovely team of 10 nannies plus 4 part time/ peak week nannies and have expanded in to Courchevel.
I love running Meribel Nanny Services and am very proud of the service we provide, we get nothing but amazing feedback week in and week out.
Each year all of my nannies have been incredible and I am very thankful for how hard they work to ensure we continue to build an amazing reputation here in the 3 Valleys.

About Nicole

Nicole Wallbank is the owner and Manager of Meribel Nanny Services. Nicole has a Level 4 OCN Maternity Practitioners Certificate along with a CACHE level 3 Diploma in childcare and Education. During 2020 Nicole has been updating her childcare training and will be gaining her level 3 in Child psychology, Child nutrition and sleep training. Keep herself updated is extreamly important to her as it means she can guide her nannies within their job and pass on her knowledge.

Nicole has been in the Alps Nannying for 13 winters. Her love for good, professional and FUN childcare is why she started Meribel Nanny Services in 2014

Her love for good, professional and FUN childcare is why she started Meribel Nanny Services in 2014, and is the reason you will still see her out and about Nannying, helping at ski school and delivering the toys and equipment throughout the season. Nicole uses her experiences over the past 12 years to ensure that she offers everything you would need on your holiday from baby equipment such a buggies and sterilisers to flexible packages and amazing nannies.

You won’t go wrong booking with Meribel Nanny Services. This winter you will see Nicole at Ski School pick up running the brand new Lunch Club, she is very excited to be offering a new product and cannot wait to see lots of old and New families.

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